St. Catherines Golf and Country Club

70 Westchester Ave, St. Catharines, ON L2R 3P4



October 19, 2018


"Your Brand is Your Business"



Speakers: Ashley Konson, Managing Partner, Global Brand Leaders, Toronto

Time: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Location: St.Catherines Golf and Country Club

CE -



1) Your Brand is Your Business™: What’s the dent I’m going to put in the universe?


Key learning:

  • Why your authentic personal brand holds the key to business success?
  • Why your brand is your business seen from the customer’s point of view?
  • Why the recipe for success is making your brand strong inside out?


2) Your Brand is Your Business™: What’s my little chocolate?

Key learning:

  • Why your success is about your difference not sameness?
  • What’s my little chocolate and other points of distinction?
  • Why a single songsheet is the key to making beautiful music?



About the Speaker:

Ashley Konson is the President of Global Brand Leaders Inc. a boutique management advisory and coaching business located in Toronto, Canada.

He helps clients build successful brands and businesses that improve the lives of customers, employees, partners, and the communities in which they operate.

Four values define him, how he acts, and what can be expected from him. The life-long pursuit of wisdom and knowledge so he can become a more able business professional, educator, and human being. The imperative to help others improve in areas that are his strengths because knowledge is valuable when shared. A deep respect for humanity and the power of diversity. And the belief that if you love what you do you are more likely to excel at what you do!

Prior to founding Global Brand Leaders, Ashley worked in senior and executive level marketing positions in the United States, Canada, and South Africa, with Nestle, The Walt Disney Company, Imax Ltd and Holt Renfrew.

He is the author and instructor for the Kellogg-Schulich EMBA, Designing Brand Experiences program, and the course director and instructor for the MBA & MMKG Brand Management programs at the Schulich School of Business, York University, in Toronto, Canada.

He is also visiting faculty at the S P Jain School of Global Management based in Dubai, Singapore and Sydney, Australia, teaching EMBA and MBA Brand Management programs. I

Ashley is regularly recognized for “Teaching Excellence” and is a two-time winner of the prestigious Seymour Schulich MBA Teaching Excellence Award.


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