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September 7, 2017

Evening Business Meeting
"How To Steal From A Dentist"


Speaker: Mr. David Harris

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites, St. Catharines

Sponsored by "TMFD FINANCIAL-Helping Dentists Build Wealth"

 CE - Category 3, 3 Credits



Today’s presentation by David Harris was made possible by TMFD Financial who offer accounting, wealth management and consulting services to dentists and dental specialists.  All participants today are eligible for a free Embezzlement Risk Assessment Questionnaire(a $100 value) for attending the event, courtesy of TMFD Financial.


Course Overview

If you are a dentist, the likelihood that you will be the target of embezzlement during your career is greater than 60%. That’s right. GREATER than 60%! As if this statistic isn’t bad enough, it is even more likely that the embezzler in your practice will be a long-time, trusted member of your staff. So what is a dentist to do?

 In this interactive presentation, attendees will be given some alarming facts about this serious and personally-directed crime as well as proven strategies to empower them to take back control of their office’s financial well-being.

Using actual dental embezzlement case files as teaching tools, attendees will be able to evaluate the cases presented and then interact with the presenter as he discusses the myths and misunderstandings surrounding dental embezzlement and guides participants through basic, yet effective strategies to avoid being a part of the “60%” statistic.


Course Objectives:

  • What causes embezzlement in dental practices?
  • The limitations of popular, conventional prevention strategies
  • How a dentist can determine whether embezzlement is happening
  • Important dos and don’ts if embezzlement is suspected or discovered
  • The top ten actions to take for monitoring your practice for embezzlement

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